About the story


READ THIS FIRST: As of now, I am putting this story on hold. It has come to me that, this just doesn’t cut it, to put bluntly. I had already planned the plotline out rather conclusively, but the issue lies with the language and writing style used, made apparent by the amount of views I’m getting and comments from those who were kind enough to be upfront about it. I thank you for those who did enjoy the read and followed up on it, and I thank you once again, for those who did me the favour of showing me my errors this early in the game. It could have been so much worse if I decided to do a rewrite in the middle of it. The old content shall be left here until I am ready to republish the revised version.

To skip all the babble and get right into the story: Epilogue/Chapter 1 – Lie – pt.1

Welcome! I’m glad that a kind soul such as yourself have taken the bold and risky move to step into my world.

I come forth in an attempt to share an idea of mine, as deadly and as virulent as it is. The genesis of this project that has yet to be given a name, and will remain so until the perfect note strikes, began 4, perhaps 5 years ago. It has long remained dormant until the most irrational of desires pushed me into sharing it here.

I lay it here now, bare and naked, with all its flaws and creases, to be dissected and surgically made plastic. Afterall, realism isn’t always the most pleasant of traits when it comes to writing incomprehensible brain vomit like this one.

With an open mind, I now beckon to your harshest, equally naked truth. I implore to you to help me ensure that my lazy, procrastinating self finds its way back here frequently enough, if not daily. So many things in life I have left unaccomplished, this will not be added to that list.

Basically, this story is about the clashing of superpowered beings. The themes would be: Persevering willpower against overwhelming odds, Shock invasions, Breaking past limits and thresholds, Freedom of thought and so on.

Bear in mind that this is obviously a work in progress, riddled with errors and mistakes. Already I find myself cringing at the underdeveloped writing, the blatant plotholes. Should you come across any sentence that reminds you of an elementary student’s attempt, it was most likely written with great haste. Also, if and when this project comes to fruition, you would most likely have been exposed to many SPOILERS as some portions of the story may be omitted/rearranged, placed in a much later chapter, etc. So, if that is not your cup of tea, turn away now, and do return when the tea has brewed thoroughly.

Finally, please, leave your comments below, and we will see if you see my errors as well as I do (and beyond). This project will be subject to a thousand more edits, and we shall see how it goes from there.

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