Hidden Lights

Author’s note: Well, what do you know, I do poetry too, or at least I try. This was written at work, during a time when I was rather disillusioned. The first person I showed this to was a colleague who had his desk right beside mine. I remember his response to it (we were both English teachers) : raised brows, a lopsided smirk, before passing the handwritten paper back to me. I prefer to think of his intended conveyance to be “I feel you.” It was an….unpleasant workplace.

Dark lights and bright shadows,

Righteous wrongs, creased brows

Right justice, a league’s throw,

Right rights, under shadow.

Dusk is now dawn,

Sun’s always down,

Voice without own,

Discord’s been sown.

Bold lies be glorified,

Meek truths be ostracized,

Wrongdoers dignified,

Oaths and vows satirized.

SPOILER: As it is with all forms of abstract writing, everyone is subject to their own form of interpretation, and most of the time this does not go in line with the author’s intended meaning! So do not read this block of text if you have your own thoughts to share.

“The right is made wrong and the wrong is made right”

Well, what do you think? I was infuriated beyond words at the state of the world in general. (Cliche, I know, but hear me out) Do you not think there are enough fraudulent and frivolous (Oh, I love it when these two words are mentioned back to back) mischief going on, more than the world could hold? How the truth gets buried, hidden in plain sight, and how the elite continuously attempt to mislead others with propaganda and deception? The world needs more minds who question everything, minds who will not take anything at face value. That’s all we need to start making a change.


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