A hand’s worth

Author’s note: This didn’t turn out as well as I liked, but I tend to think that poems lose their quintessence the moment you double back to make amendments. They were written in the heat of the moment, it would feel artificial to fix their flaws, those moments have passed. – Just my opinion. Comment on what you think below!

Custom made we are

Sum of past realized

Fleeting sights afar

Not a dice in sight

They say that free will

We have all but naught

Fate has long been sealed

Head for other docks

Plans laid out for us

Not asked, not wanted

Unmoving to fuss

Change seen to threaten

So what then do we

Stand to offer new

If there is no me

To be paid in due

Our hands do we have

None other have claim

Tools for us to pave

Perpetrator’s game

What that happens next

All in our desire

Never based on text

Could be poltergeists

Loyalty purchased

By what means, really?

A hefty pocket?

A heartful of glee?

Price of custom mades

Are all custom made.


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