Calm coats my surface,

Grit soothes my temperance,

Rage guides my belligerence,

Love them I really do,

Treasure them so much I do.

Frustrates me in turn they do

In darkness our hearts are too.

In bewilderment of each other,

we are, but stand together,

We have to.

So much ado.

At loss I am,

I gaze at them.

And wonder I do,

These feelings, ever soothe?

It grips my heart,

Tears it apart.

Tears down my cheeks,

Oh please, be sweet.

Sweat burning down,

If I must drown,

Spectacularly, it shall be.

Why can’t they see?

At loss I am,

Resigned, I am.

By grit, I will master,

My will, I will muster,

Hatred shall not fester,

Or inevitable will be disaster.

So much to do,

So much to do.


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