Desired farewell

The sympathetic tide pours in grace,

As this one makes an exit,

Steps heavy beneath a misleading face,

For sorrow was not in the feet,

Only eagerness in its place.

Abandon this wreck,

Wash ones hands,

Never will one look back,

Forging paths to better lands,

Nothing left to pain the neck,

The gears wind tirelessly,

Driven by promise of gold,

Grind themselves out boldly,

To do as they’re told,

To act and slog subserviently.

This one takes its leave,

The turning never to stop,

Even if one is bereaved,

Efficiency no longer at top,

For unseen is the heave.

Silently they take the load

They halt and falter

The fear the sinking of the boat

The key turns harder

But what does it bode?

They do not care,

Even as knees give out,

Even as bones run bare,

Even as time runs out,

All to keep the lair

The one finally looks back

The sympathetic tide flows through

Irony unable to lack

As one takes the road anew

And the others await their sack.


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