Tonicquill – call me Tonic.

It was a name I developed at the ripeful age of nine, in a game called Neopets – when I was attempting to establish my destiny as a self-proclaimed trainer and master of pixellated beings – continuously plagued by the all too familiar “This name has already been taken” notice. Perhaps it was my narcissistic nature that drove me into composing a name that no one else would think of, no one else would take. Two words that were as related to each other as a chicken would be to a spaceship took form. Tonic – because my nine-year-old self was original, and Quill – because I had just finished a Harry Potter book during then. Almost two decades later, this name somehow retains its originality when used to sign up anywhere else.

I currently run a YouTube channel by the name of Tonicquill GFL, containing footage and guides of a certain mobile game. Apparently, I have a knack of making videos, people seem to like them, and that gave me reason to consider venturing into other franchises/themes.